About the Eclipse Mill

The Eclipse Mill is a four story brick former textile mill located on the Hoosic River in North Adams, a beautiful mill town in the northern Berkshires of Massachusetts.  The giant former factory is now home to 40 live/work artists’ loft condominiums that are zoned as industrial space with auxiliary residential use.  The Eclipse Mill is three hours north of New York City and three hours west of Boston, making it an ideal location for artists who need a large affordable space that is easy driving distance to a major city.  There is no requirement that it be the artist’s primary residence.

Eclipse Mill Artists Loft building in North Adams Massachusetts

The Eclipse Mill is just a mile east of the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, pictured below, a huge contemporary art museum and performance venue housed in the factory buildings that were once home to the Sprague Electric Company.  MASSMoCA and the Eclipse Mill share the common goal of honoring, celebrating and revitalizing this historically industrial town by repurposing its brick industrial buildings into spaces where contemporary artists of all genres can find inspiration and space to create.

MASSMoCA with autumn foliage

The Eclipse Mill Gallery is a dedicated gallery space on the first floor of the Eclipse Mill that is jointly owned by all loft owners.  Eclipse Mill artists curate and install art exhibitions featuring their own work as well as work of other invited artists, and also use this space for events such as concerts, community meetings, classes, and a weekly coffee hour.  Click here to read more about the Eclipse Mill and its resident artists, galleries, open studios, and exhibits.

Len Poliandro sculpture and Dawn Nelson painting

Light sculptures by Julie Seitel

Poster from an Eclipse Mill exhibition

Each of the three upper floors has informal galleries at each end, with works by the artists who live on that floor on display.  The walls of the hallways are also full of artworks by our artists.

Eclipse mill 3rd floor gallery

Eclipse Mill 2nd floor gallery

eclipse mill 2nd floor gallery

eclipse mill fourth floor gallery

You must be actively engaged in the arts in some manner in order to purchase or rent a loft in the building.  Current residents of the building include painters, printmakers, novelists, poets, composers, musicians, an editorial illustrator, a lighting designer, a woodworker, sculptors, pottery artists, a fiber artist, photographers, a stone and ceramics art conservator, a curator, an arts journalist, and others.  Prospective owners and renters must submit an application to the Board of Directors with supporting materials that demonstrate their artistic activities and commitment. For more information about qualifications to live and work in the Eclipse Mill, click here.


Eclipse Mill front entryway

Eclipse Mill exterior