Contact the Owners to Inquire

Are you interested in purchasing Eclipse Mill Loft 309?  If so please contact us at the below email address to ask questions and to schedule a visit to see the loft, tour the building, learn more about North Adams, and meet some of your future neighbors.

Our asking price for Eclipse Mill Loft 309 is $275,000.

Please note that at least one owner of every loft must be an artist of some type.  This can include musicians, actors, dancers, directors, designers, writers, curators, performance artists, arts conservators, and many other creative types.  If you are a creator of artworks, a performer, or are actively engaged in the arts in some dedicated and significant way, please reach out to us!


About the Owners

Eclipse Mill 309 Owners

We’re Julie and George, the owners of Eclipse Mill Lofts 309 and 404.  We’ve lived and worked together in the Eclipse Mill for just over a decade, with George creating furniture and writing poetry in Loft 309 and Julie running her design business Seitel Lighting out of Loft 404 one floor above. We are moving to Montana to begin our next adventure together.

Julie’s email address is embedded as an image with no hyperlink, just to make sure you are not a spambot.  You are a human who can think and type, right?  We look forward to hearing from you!

Eclipse 309 owner's email address