Industrial Details

The Eclipse Mill is full of wonderful original industrial materials, hardware, and finishings from its days as a textile mill.

The original maple hardwood floors were preserved and refinished in the renovation of the building.  Look closely and you can read the history in the floors: Spots where machinery was bolted down, pathways where workers walked back and forth operating the machines, scars and dents from years of use…  All of these details in the floor give the Eclipse Mill an incredible sense of deep human history.Eclipse Mill Loft 309 hardwood floors

The massive original brick wall of the factory is fully exposed in Loft 309.  In contrast to some lofts where owners have painted over the historical finish, the brick wall of this loft looks just as it did before the factory was converted to live/work spaces.

Eclipse 309 Brick Walls with painting by Cathy Wysocki

The building has many of the original massive metal factory doors still in place in various locations.

Eclipse Mill 2nd floor orange door

The below doors are now the private entrance into Loft 200.  Look closely on the left door and you can just make out the word CAFETERIA — which is what Loft 200 used to be.

eclipse mill cafeteria doors

A door into the basement level…

Eclipse Mill basement door

… and within the basement is this lovely pair of arched double doors (only one visible in photo).

eclipse mill arched double door

Numerous other delightful industrial details are to be found in the building’s many stairwells, hallways, nooks and crannies…

eclipse mill door hardware


eclipse mill arched passageway

Eclipse Mill dumbwaiter

Eclipse Mill brick wall with cat